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francesca piccinini

Born: 10 January 1979, Massa Carrara, Tuscany, Italy (age 28)
Height: 6' 0½" (1.84 m)
Credited Years: 2003
Profession: Self
Known for: M2A - Mission to Athens

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It had been a week since Mr. Meyer and I had our tryst. School seemed to drag on endlessly. Susan and I were almost friends and stopped to say hello to one another in the hallways between classes. She even sat with my friends and I at lunch on Thursday. Mr. Meyer was the same old Mr. Meyer that I'd known for the last two semesters. He didn't pay me any more attention to me than any other student. It made me wonder if anything had really happened, or if it had all been used white wives sex videos I remembered waking up with his shirt on, and I knew it had to have been real, unless I'd developed some sort of sleepwalking habit out of the blue.

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I then happened to glance at my watch. Fifteen minutes late! I hurried to sex and the city videos Caldwell's classroom and nearly fainted dead away when I saw Mr. Meyer standing at the blackboard, a scowl on his face. What was he doing in there? Where was Mrs. Caldwell? He looked at me with disapproval written all over his face. I shrunk into a seat at top free sex video back of the classroom and tried to hide behind Meg, a girl twice the size of me. I found out that he was substituting for Mrs. Caldwell who'd gotten called away for a family emergency. Damn it.

The bell rang before I realized it and I video gratuite de sex a man clear his throat. I looked up and saw Mr. Meyer staring back at me.

"Stay after class Denise, I need to talk to you."

"Sure, Mr. sexe />
I sat video sexy hard my chair and waited anxiously until the room cleared. Mr. Meyer shut the anal sex video free door and locked it. I felt trapped. I was scared and excited and I had no idea what would happen.

"You disobedient slut. You waltz in here 15 minutes late? Where the hell were you?"

"I was in the restroom, having girl, um problems."

"Is that so? You wouldn't mind proving that, would you?"

"Whaaat?!" I shrieked.

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"I will not! I don't know who the hell you think you are but this is harassment! I can go to the principal and have you fired right now!"

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He released my wrists and rested above me, his eyes boring into mine. My body was screaming for him, wanting to possess him and get fucked by him and I was trying so hard to not let him know.

He lifted my shirt and unhooked the front of my bra. My breasts were bared for him and he leaned down, taking each nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue over it and bringing it to attention before moving to the other. I lifted my hips and pressed my crotch to his and he groaned. teens having sex video felt so good, to feel as though I had a little bit of control. I gyrated my hips, mashing my cunt to his crotch and then with force he pushed my hips away. I was so angry, so unfulfilled and tears filled my eyes. I was hurt by his rejection.

"Not here Denise. This is neither the time nor place. kim basinger the getaway sex scene me, if you're a good girl you will get all that's coming to you, free bbw sex videos then some. Come home with me after school and hang out with Susan, spend the night."

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"Yes sir." I replied. Damn it! I thought. What the hell is wrong with me?

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I sat up and made to wipe the head of his dick with my shirt.

"No you little slut, do what you want to do, what you really want to do."

I really wanted to push him onto his back and impale my pussy on his hard francesca piccinini until I came, but I knew that wasn't what he meant. I leaned forward on my hands and knees and opened my mouth, gently sucking his dick. He moaned as I bobbed my head and I let my lips slip down his shaft. I began to suck him hungrily, passionately, and I wanted his cum to fill my mouth, I wanted to taste his seed, the seed that made Susan's breasts, her stomach, her slippery cunt. I thought back to my fantasy of seeing Mr. Meyer fuck Susan and I came then, sidekick even touching myself, with Mr. Meyer's cock in my mouth. I shook violently and let go of his cock as the orgasm overtook me. He looked at me in wonder but didn't say anything. He stood up and zipped his pants, tucking his engorged cock inside.

"Teacher's parking lot, in an hour."

"Yes sir."

I quivered with passion. I ran to gym class, thoughts of Mr.Meyer's hard cock dancing in my head. I porn sex scene with just enough time to don my p.e. uniform and raced outside for roll call.
"You're late again Denise! That's four times this month. What have you been doing?"

"I'm sorry Coach, it won't happen again, I swear!"

"Make sure it doesn't, get in line with the others."

I stood in line and looked over at Susan who smiled at me. I waved at her and hoped we'd be doing jumping jacks so I could stare at her chest as she hopped up and down. Those heavenly breasts...I couldn't get them out of my mind for more than five minutes. I wondered if she felt the same way about me.

P.E. class was boring as usual and was winding down. Remembering Mr. Meyer and not wanting to seem weird for going to her house uninvited, I free video lesbians sex I had to get some kind of invitation.

"Hey Susan! amateurs sex videos up." I jogged over to her and she looked over at me with a sly grin.

"Hey you been?"

"Pretty good mostly."

"Yeah? Well I've been horny as hell."
"Wow. I can't believe you'd just say that out here, people could hear you!"

"I don't care that much. Seriously. All day I've been so damn horny. Delia told me that Danny DeSilvo fucked her in the bathroom during lunch. I mean, I don't believe it, but that's still pretty hot that she'd say that."

"'s true. I saw them come out of there. I was in there when they started dvd free movie sex um...make noises."

"Oh yeah? principal and teacher sex scandal in lynwood il you listen?"

"For a little bit, yeah, and then the bell rang."

" do you know free bestiality sex movies was hilary duff in sex scene />
"I waited for them, I was hiding behind the oak tree in the courtyard."

"Wow. I can't believe it. Delia? She's not exactly his type."

"What's his type? You?"

"Well...yeah. He's been trying to bang me for years. It's just that he's missing some vital equipment."

"Such as?"

"A nice wet cunt, pair of perfect breasts and a tongue made to lick me."

I stopped mid-stride and nearly toppled over. Susan how to have sex video at me mischieviously.

"What do you say you cum over tonight?"

"I'd love to..." I responded breathlessly.

"Good, meet my dad and I in the teachers parking lot in ten minutes, I have to stop by my locker first."

"Ok, sure thing."

We walked into the locker room and regretfully Susan and free video clips sex lockers far apart. I did watch a few of the others as they changed, the way their nipples hardened as the cool air hit the sweaty swell of their breasts. A few of the girls, rachel bilson sex scene Mary, were really hot. I mean, next to Susan, they didn't compare, but Mary had this something, best free sex movies really special quality about her. Maybe it was her straight black eyebrows, or her delicate collarbone, or maybe it was her perfect stomach. I don't know, maybe I was too horny for my own sex home movies

I couldn't get dressed and out of there fast enough. I nearly floated toward the parking lot. Mr. Meyer was waiting for me, free video cartoon sex at me with an appraising eye.

" made it. Where's Susan?"

"She said she had to stop by her locker, she said she'd be about ten minutes."

"Really, you sure?" Mr. Meyer licked his lips sexy south indian video clip looked around the deserted parking lot.

"I've been thinking about you for a long time Denise, I don't think I can wait for tonight."
"What! It's broad daylight and Susan free sex video film be coming out any minute!"

"Just get in the car. Trust me."

Right. Trust him. Now why in the world would I do that? Maybe I was out of my mind but I'd been edging all hour and I was in desperate need of release. I walked to the other side of the car and got in. Mr. Meyer got in and started the bed sex movies

"Where are we going, don't we have to hot sexy girls video for Susan?"

"We'll be back in a few minutes, I'm going to park the car somewhere a little less conspicuous."

I knew better to say anything. I said there and nervously tapped my feet as he drove us a few minutes away to a park that no one really went to. He unbuckled his seat belt and turned off the engine. He looked over at me like a lion ready to pounce on it's prey. There was something very animal about him. He leaned back and unzipped his pants.

"Suck it Denise, suck my cock for me."

A little flame licked up my thighs and I leaned over, taking his cock into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down viciously and he bucked his hips in rhythm. His cock swelled to fill the corners of my mouth and then he came. It was a bucket of hot thick white semen and it momentarily clogged my throat. It coated my mouth and I stopped moving my mouth, knowing it would be too sensitive right now.

"Fuck Denise, fuck, fuck, fuck yeah. That's right baby, drink Daddy's cum."

I jerked president clinton sex scandal surprise at the word daddy but I couldn't exactly say anything. I pulled away from him and a strand of his cum connected my mouth to his shrinking erection for a moment before it broke and clung to my chin.

"God, I needed that. Thank you Denise. You did a great job."

"You're welcome." I was glowing inside at his words of praise.
"This doesn't mean that tonight I won't expect to see you in my office at midnight."

"Of course." I lowered my head and sighed. I was so turned on and had been for so long that it was almost painful.

"What is it?" He could tell something was wrong.

"I've just been...edging...for a long time now." I let some of my frustration creep into my voice.

"Well we can't have that, can we?" He whispered in a seductive tone as his hand slid moviesex my legs.

I gasped as his fingers found my clit through my panties and after only a few moments I was writhing in wonderful agony as I spasmed and struggled to breathe.

"So fucking beautiful..." he whispered under his breath.

I calmed down enough that I was finally able to open my eyes. I straightened my skirt and as if on cue, Mr. Meyer started the car. We barely made it back in time to not look suspicious.

I could only wonder what he had in mind for us tonight.